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Protect Yourself by Obtaining a Protective Order

If you have been the victim of domestic abuse or violence, you should not hesitate to act swiftly to protect you and your children from any further harm. California protective order laws allow for victims to petition the court in order to obtain peace of mind through a protective order. These orders essentially require the person they are levied against to remain a certain distance away from them for a designated amount of time.

These orders could potentially be life-saving for victims of abuse, and you should not hesitate to file for one and obtain this protection as soon as possible. At Cage & Miles, we work quickly to aid victims of violence and abuse and can work with the courts on your behalf to obtain an order that affords you the maximum possible protection. We understand the immense emotional damage that can be done in cases of abuse, and we work hard to help victims obtain the safety they so desperately need. We have experience handling all types of family law issues, and can work to put these laws to work to protect you and your loved ones from those who would wish to harm you.

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Types of Protective Orders

The state of California recognizes three different types of protective orders, each can be obtained depending on your whether or not your situation qualifies you. Our attorneys can help you plead your case before the court to obtain the protection you need.

California recognizes the following types of restraining orders:

  • Emergency protection orders: can be granted on short notice, and are good for up to seven calendar days.
  • Restraining orders: these orders are usually granted after a court hearing and judge deliberation of arguments from both sides. These are usually limited to a duration of about three years.
  • Permanent orders: these are exceedingly rare orders used only in extreme cases or where the threat to a victim will likely not disappear over time.

What If My Abuser Violates the Protective Order?

Violating a protective order is a criminally-punishable offense for the person who has the order filed against them. They will almost certainly be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, but could also be given a contempt of court charge and even a felony if circumstances warrant it. They will also be required to pay a fine of up to $2,000 and serve up to a year in jail. These penalties can also apply if the abuser violates any of the provisions of your protective order, including any orders not to contact, refusal to move out, or refusal to surrender firearms they may own.

If you would like more information about protective orders, contact Cage & Miles online now to discuss your issue with a member of our team.

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