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Divorce Mediators in San Diego

Avoid Court & Reach an Agreement for Your Family

One of the major causes of anxiety in any divorce process is the inherent fear that it may be impossible to reach an amicable agreement.

Divorce mediation can provide solutions on:

Coming to an agreement on these and the myriad other issues which may arise in a divorce proceeding can be very difficult, but despite these difficulties, many parties desire to come to a resolution without having to go to court.

At Cage & Miles, our San Diego divorce attorneys focus on in helping our clients come to an amicable divorce resolution on their own terms. We have Board Certified Family Law Specialists on our team to help. Call us today at (858) 943-2060.

What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

There are many benefits to mediation, including less disruption to your life and your family when you can agree to terms without arguments or the court having to step in.

Advantages to using mediation:

  • Lower cost: Choosing mediation is usually far less expensive than going to court, where you will need to hire forensic accountants, appraisers, and other experts,
  • Flexible schedule: You can schedule mediation sessions around your schedule rather than on the court's.
  • Less stress: Families and children often experience less trauma and stress because parties are cooperating rather than trying to fight each other.

We can assess your situation to see whether you can benefit from using mediation to resolve your family law and divorce matters.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation sessions are led by a neutral mediator who is responsible for helping couples resolve conflicts in a comfortable environment.

Some facts about the mediation process in California include:

  • Mediation is confidential – Mediation hearings occur in a highly controlled and confidential environment, allowing all parties to express themselves and their desires for the divorce without the potentially uncomfortable situations which can arise in the public courtroom.
  • Mediation requires neutrality – When you decide to resolve your divorce using our mediation services you can rest assured that your mediator will be impartial and will work diligently to seek the best outcome for all parties while keeping your needs and desires a priority.
  • Our mediators are trained professionals – The mediators at Cage & Miles are all professionals who have been specifically trained to help you and your family resolve your divorce situation as comfortably as possible. Our mediators have conducted hundreds of mediation processes and all have the experience needed to help your family move into its next phase.

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If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in San Diego, Cage & Miles would like to work for you. If you and your spouse or significant other have decided to divorce, we can help. Call us at (858) 943-2060 now for a free no-obligation 30-minute consultation.

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