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  • Premarital Agreements - Part III
    Premarital Agreements - Part III

    How can a premarital agreement be overturned? There are multiple ways to challenge the enforceability of a premarital agreement. For example: 1. Unconscionable Under the Uniform Premarital Agreement ...

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  • Premarital Agreements - Part II
    Premarital Agreements - Part II

    What subjects can be covered in a premarital agreement under the UPAA? Prospective spouses can cover a wide range of issues through a premarital agreement, including: 1. Property Under the California ...

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  • Premarital Agreements - Part I
    Premarital Agreements - Part I

    What is a premarital agreement? In California, a premarital agreement, also commonly referred to as a “prenuptial agreement” or “prenup” is a written contract between prospective spouses or domestic ...

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  • Protective Orders
    Protective Orders

    What is a protective order? During the course of a divorce case, it is common to perform legal investigation, which is also known as the “discovery” process. Discovery requests include document ...

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  • Should I Pursue Legal Separation?
    Should I Pursue Legal Separation?

    As a divorce attorney in San Diego I am often asked by my clients, “ Am I legally separated? ” The answer that I give is dependent on the particular facts of the client’s case, but generally the same ...

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