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  • Custody of Frozen Embryos After Divorce
    Custody of Frozen Embryos After Divorce

    There are several cases pending in California courts that will soon decide a very modern problem for married couples: which member of a divorced couple gets control (or custody) of their previously ...

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  • Kelly Rutherford Custody Battle
    Kelly Rutherford Custody Battle

    International custody is a popular topic among the celebrity gossip magazines recently, focusing on the custody battle between United States citizen and actress Kelly Rutherford and her ex-husband, ...

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  • Ex Parte Hearings
    Ex Parte Hearings

    In an area of practice like family law , many of the issues are highly sensitive, making the experience very emotional and uncomfortable for the parties. Many new family law litigants wish to get ...

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  • Responding to a Divorce Petition
    Responding to a Divorce Petition

    Getting served with a Petition for Divorce is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Although you may have expected the Petition for some time, receiving and reading through the Petitioner’s requests ...

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